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  1. 2Terekhov P.D., Baryshnikova K.V., Artemyev Y.A., Karabchevsky A., Shalin A.S., Evlyukhin A.B. Multipolar response of nonspherical silicon nanoparticles in the visible and near-infrared spectral ranges // Physical Review B - 2017, Vol. 96, No. 3, pp. 035443 [IF: 3.836]
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  2. 1Terekhov P.D., Baryshnikova K.V., Artemyev Y.A., Shalin A.S., Evlyukhin A.B., Karabchevski A. Multipole optical response of silicon nanoparticles of a conical shape // Proceedings of the International Conference Days on Diffraction 2017, DD 2017 - 2017, pp. 310-315