ITMO International Days 2016

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ITMO International Days areheld in June during a marvelous period of “white nights” in order to let ITMO U guests truly enjoy the magnificent spirit of Saint Petersburg. Along with the main agenda the event includes a tour of the University’s campuses and labs as well as a diverse cultural program. ITMO University’s academia and students are also extensively involved in discussions and interactions with ITMO U partners.

Sessions include

9 June 13:00-14:30  Educational trends within the current economic environment: fitting into the picture, setting trends and addressing challenges 

9 June 15:00 - 16:30  Strategic institutional development:internationalization policy and top-priority paths

10 June 11.30 - 13:00  Quality assurance of higher education in cross-border educational projects

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Natalia Vladykina (Vasilyeva)

International Educational Programs Unit

Institute of International Development and Partnership
14, Birzhevaya line, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, of. 435

+7 (812) 457 17 90 I